The company Al Pan DOOEL was founded on July 10, 2000 in Stip and successfully works on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and on the former Yugoslav territories in the field of production and installation of Aluminum and PVC window frames.

From year to year the company works to improve the quality of its products and tries to meet the requirements of its customers. Over the years, Al Pan has made large investments in the construction of the plant, acquiring new and modern technologies for the manufacture of carpentry.

        Countless private facilities across the country and abroad speak about our quality. Our vision is to create peace and comfort in the homes and offices of our clients. 

Every year, the team of Al Pan attends the largest construction fairs in Europe, also every year seminars, symposiums and training courses in our area are attended, all the novelties related to the production of PVC and Aluminum carpentry are followed.

In the heart of the company itself is born the idea of ​​building a showroom, all in order to enable customers to see what they imagined. That idea starts with the realization in March 2018. This is where the innovation, creative mind and success of many architects intertwine. Many thanks to the team that functions flawlessly from the very beginning of our company, and is credited with 80% of the human resources invested in its construction so that after a year we enjoy a modern, sophisticated, functional salon that is unique in Eastern Macedonia.



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